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Pediatric Dentistry

It is important to give your kids the right care as it lays the foundation of their lifelong well-being. The fact that oral attention in kids is deeply interlinked with their well-being is indisputable. Since it is about the well-being of young ones, providing them with the finest health-care is of paramount importance. Here at Shubdin Dental Clinic, we tend to assure simply that. Our panel of well-established pediatric dentists makes positive that your child's journey to good oral health may be a happy and cosy one.

It is common knowledge that kids associate dental visits with worry and anxiety. Considering that, we've fastidiously curated each step of our approach to ensure a wholesome and positive experience for your child! We are a well established pediatric dentist in South Mumbai, and our philosophy is comparatively easy. We tend to lay high stress upon preventative and proactive medicine to ensure that your child doesn't need to endure any significant dental treatment in the long term. Our time is spent on educating children and teaching them the habits that build a great foundation of oral well-being.

Our philosophy is comparatively easy. We tend to lay high stress upon preventative and proactive medicine to confirm that your child doesn't need to endure any significant dental treatment in the long term. Our time is spent on educating children and teaching them different habits to build a great foundation of oral well-being. We at Shubhdin Dental Clinic accurately determine harmful practices like mouth breathing, thumb intake, etc. and provide sensible solutions that facilitate their treatment before they cause any severe destruction to the oral and general health. It additionally minimizes the necessity for primary rehabilitative therapy in the following years.

Our Approach

Tending to a baby is rarely similar to managing to an adult. Kids escort their own set of apprehensions that should be taken into consideration while treating them. Communication is the key here. Our team of pediatric dentists is trained to speak effectively with kids and make them comfortable on the chair. One of our aims is to teach them the importance of oral hygiene and sensible habits.

With different behavior management techniques in situ, we guarantee stress-free visits for each kid and therefore, each parent.

Preventive medicine

Ignoring primary care in childhood will result in severe complications in the future. To avoid this, we advocate the use of preventive therapy heavily. We believe kids should not get to experience the pain of cavity, root canal therapy or sensitivity. A dental visit once a year, which enforces all the precautionary measures, will avoid that. Our Pediatric dentists expertly administer teeth cleanup procedures and fluoride gel application. They suggest a baby get this treatment every 3-6 months.

Infection management

It is a standard thought that milk teeth do not warrant dental attention as they're meant to fall off and being replaced by permanent teeth. This is far from the reality. Milk teeth are natural space maintainers that are necessary for a child's growth until the permanent teeth replace them. If a child loses their milk teeth before the time due to dental disease or trauma, it can lead to mal-aligned teeth, stagnated jaw growth, and in some cases, speech impairment, which can affect their overall development.

Restraint on Anibiotics and unneeded medication

At Shubhdin Dental Clinic, we're completely opposed to the abuse of antibiotics.We never prescribe antibiotics or any medications unless absolutely necessary for your child. Unwarranted prescriptions can lead to many adverse effects, and we would never expose your child's well-being since most infections may be treated effectively without the administration of medication.

Strict Sterilization protocols

We follow with utmost preciseness, the foremost rigorous sterilization processes to forestall secondary and cross infections — our standards of sterilization are following international protocols.

Habit Correction

Rectifying habits like thumb sucking, and mouth breathing at an early stage will stop crooked teeth, and later on, eliminate the necessity for braces. We are adept at diagnosing conditions like sleep disorders that are the fundamental reason for harmful habits like mouth breathing.


Children are naturally extremely active, which typically causes them to get into minor accidents and scrapes— our pediatric dentists are well equipped to touch upon such things promptly and ease their discomfort.

Motivation is easy

Our Core Values

Unparalleled Professionals

All the experts working on patients are postgraduate MDS and specialists with a tremendous amount of experience in their respective fields.

Advanced Technology

At Shubhdin Dental Clinic, we perform all treatments with state of the art facilities of highest standards.

Long Term Pledges

With the right treatment planning and execution, we offer long term guarantees on specific treatment procedures for our patients.

Valuing your Time

We know you are busy; thus, we try and do maximum work on your scheduled timings.

Hygiene and cleanliness

At Shubhdin dental clinic, we follow strict norms to provide definitive treatment with hygiene and cleanliness.

High standards of quality care

Shubhdin dental clinic is set up with the highest standards of quality care to deliver to you world-class quality care.