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Full Mouth Rehab

Restoration of the severely worn dentition is one of the most complicated procedures in dentistry. Full mouth dental rehabilitation refers to treating and replacing all the teeth in the patient's dentition.

Tooth wear may be a result of abrasion, attrition, and erosion. Analysis has shown that these wear mechanisms seldom act alone, and is a multifactorial pathologic process. Diagnosis and treatment planning takes into consideration the patient's diet, history of feeding, gastrointestinal disorders, and the current state of the occlusion. If you are looking for a full mouth rehabilitation dentist in Mumbai, we are the one for you.

Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration

1.Rejuvenate Your Mouth for Oral Health

Full mouth rehabilitation additionally referred to as full mouth reconstruction or rejuvenation, is different from a full smile makeover. It's a necessary procedure which involves restoring each tooth in a person's mouth with the primary goal of improving oral health.

While a full mouth rehabilitation isn't technically a cosmetic procedure, dental medicine focuses on improving the performance and esthetics of the whole mouth with each treatment we offer. Tooth-colored fillings and ceramic crowns are simply a handful of cosmetic dental treatment choices that guarantee attractive, natural-looking results.

Persistent headaches or migraines will considerably impact an individual's quality of life. In some cases, they'll be caused by the action, or they'll be the results of TMJ problems. Full mouth rehabilitation can address these considerations and can typically alleviate associated headaches.

Gum illness is another issue addressed with full mouth rehabilitation to make sure that the reconstructed teeth have a healthy foundation. Scaling and root planning may also be sufficient for correcting a minor periodontal problem. In other severe cases you could need soft tissue or bone grafts to replicate and replace the gums and underlying jaw bone to ensure a healthy smile.

Crooked teeth are a source of pain and discomfort and may additionally increase the danger of tartar buildup and gum diseases. Correcting the bite with braces, Invisalign, or ceramic veneers can build up the smile stunning results as well as lead to a healthier, happier smile.

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